Alternative to Dome as a Symbol of Masjid and It’s Influence in Indonesian Masjid Design

Karsono, Bambang and Wahid, Julaihi (2009) Alternative to Dome as a Symbol of Masjid and It’s Influence in Indonesian Masjid Design. In: Proceedings of 2nd International Seminar on Islamic Thought, Islam and Muslims: Issues and Challenges, 6 - 7 October 2009, Department of Theology and Philosophy, Universiti Kabangsaan Malaysia, Bangi - Malaysia.

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The existence of domes perhaps originating from the arid Mesopotamian region, where timber were scarce and the sun bake mud bricks were easily available and became common construction materials. The dome construction techniques developed from the arch action through a doubly curved plane and employed to facilitate spanning without shutters. This was the main source of brick constructional techniques of early Islamic times. In contrast, the early Indonesia’s masjid (mosque) dated since 1400s derived its form and construction techniques from those of pre-Islamic religious and noble buildings in the archipelago, such as pura (temple), keraton (royal palace) and traditional house. Timbers as basic material for the construction in a given setting in Indonesian Archipelago were commonly used by the local people. In 1881, after a bitter war against the Acehnese, the Dutch introduced an alien form for a masjid which was strange to Indonesian culture. The dome structure was imported from India for the construction of the Masjid Baiturrahman in Banda Aceh that has been many years ‘considered as inappropriate for religious purpose’. Ironically, the usage of this so-called alien form has now spread throughout every cities and villages. Paradoxically, any newly built mosque without a dome may be considered incomplete. The gist of this paper is to explore the application of dome as a roof covering and its influence on the design of masjid in Indonesia. This paper also traces the significant of these elements in conjunction to the modern era of architectural extreme and unlimited design discourses. Keywords: masjid, dome roof, symbol.

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