The Contributions of Trees in Public Park

Wahid, Julaihi and Karsono, Bambang and Alamsyah, Bhakti (2009) The Contributions of Trees in Public Park. In: Proceedings of International Conference on Green Technology and Engineering, 15 - 17 April 2009, Engineering Faculty, Malahayati University, Bandar Lampung.

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Trees, as one of the principal components of landscape has some functions, roles and benefits that contribute in controlling and increasing the sphere quality in urban areas. Generally, cultivation of trees will be able to eliminate the environmental problem such as air pollution and can reduce the adverse effect on the microclimate. Trees also provides many environmental benefits where it reduces the urban heat island effect, microclimate protection, reducing environmental pollutants, cleans urban air, absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and improve the quality of urban ecology and encourages wildlife. Trees offer a lot of ways to reduce environmental impact in the city. This paper focuses on the Ahmad Yani Park in the city of Medan which is one of a biggest city in Indonesia with a total inhabitants of 2 million people or a density of 2.328 people per hectare. On the other hand, the total area of urban space, which function, as ‘urban green space’ is about 2, 8% of the total area of the town centres. Ahmad Yani Park is a public park in the downtown and has a various types of ornamental trees. The objective of this paper is to identify the trees and its characteristic at the Ahmad Yani Park, which contributes to reduce the microclimate change and environmental impact in the city. Some trees have grown to 50 meter in height such as: Delonix regia, Macrophylla Swietenia, Alstonia Scholaris, Artocarpus Heteophyllus, Mimvsa elengi, Phyllanthus acidus Skeels, Plumeria spp, Lagerstomia speciosa, Adenanthera spp, Cocus nicifera, and Cassia Multijuga rich. These conditions gave a most complete dust interception and signicant reductions in gaseous pollutant concentrations in the city. Consequently, it attracts birds, butterflies and other wildlife which can be a scenic sight of the urban areas. Keywords: tree, environmental impact, microclimate change, urban green space, public park, Ahmad Yani Park

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