Erosion Prediction and Soil Conservation Planning in Krueng Seulimum Watershed Aceh Province, Indonesia

halim, akbar (2018) Erosion Prediction and Soil Conservation Planning in Krueng Seulimum Watershed Aceh Province, Indonesia. Jurnal Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development, 9 (12). pp. 208-214. ISSN P-ISSN : 0976-0245. Online ISSN : 0976-5506

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The conversion of forests into agricultural land and the application of agro-technology on land without considering the capability and suitability of land will result breakdowns on Krueng Seulimum Watershed. This will obviously lead to high attrition, low land productivity in the upstream, sedimentation , and high fluctuation in the downstream. This study is aimed to: 1) predict the amount of erosion on every watershed land unit in Krueng Seulimum Watershed and 2) determine the appropriate agro technology ( soil and water conservation techniques ) for cocoa farms to suppress erosion ( erosion < ETol ). The method used in this study is a survey method with the following steps: 1) the preparation phase, 2) a preliminary survey, 3) a primary survey and 4) data analyses and result presentation. The prediction of was performed on each land unit (LU) and the cocoa -based farming systems (Cocoa, Cocoa + Areca nut, and Cocoa + Banana) using USLE. The results show that the greatest erosion prediction occurred on the shrub and dry land farming use. The predictive erosion values of the land use for shrub, dry land agriculture, grazing and secondary forest ranged from 30.71 - 292.98 tons ha -1 year -1 (ETol 31.50 - 40.96 tons ha -1 year ), 27.60 - 118.19 tons ha-1year-1 (ETol 39.11-40.96 tons ha-1year -1), 9.92 tons ha-1 year -1 - 62.98 tons ha-1 -1year (ETol 22.16 - 24.20 tons ha -1 year -1 ), and 1.31 - 6.94 tons ha -1 year -1 (ETol 23.98 - 29.28 tons ha -1 year -1-1), respectively. The agro technologies for soil and water conservation that should be implemented on agricultural dry land (cocoa, cocoa + areca nut, and cocoa + banana) are the provision of a complete fertilizer (7 % slope), bunds terracing + grass planting to amplify the terrace (14% slope) and bund terracing + grass planting to amplify the terrace + mulching 6 tons ha-1 (21% slope). The forest land use is recommended to remain as forest,while the shrub land use is recommended for cocoa farming.

Item Type: Article
Subjects: S Agriculture > SA Agroecotechnology
Divisions: Faculty of Agriculture > Department of Agroecotechnology
Depositing User: Dr. Ir. Halim Akbar , M.Si
Date Deposited: 24 Sep 2020 07:42
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