Pengaruh Penggolongan Kredit Terhadap Non Performing Loan Pada Pt. Bank Tabungan Negara (persero) Lhokseumawe

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  • Author: Ghazali Syamni
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  • Supervisor: -
  • Type: Prosiding
  • Division: Proceedings
  • Language: Indonesia
  • Subject: Finance
  • Publisher: Universitas Stikubank - Universitas Malikussaleh - Fakultas Ekonomi Unisbank
  • Published: 2012-06-07
  • Location: eprintsunisbankacid
  • City: Semarang - US
  • ISSN: 978-979-3649-65-8
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ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of credit classification (current, special mention,
substandard, doubtful and loss) to non-performing loans in the Bank Tabungan Negara, Lhokseumawe. The data
used in this study is secondary data from credit installment collective and non collective for 36 months period
2006-2008. This research using multiple linear regression model.Results showed that simultaneous effect on the
credit classification to non performing loans. While testing the partial study found that the current credit
significantly negative effect on the NPL, the more good credit means better health of BTN. In contrast to class
doubtful and bad loans have a positive influence on the NPL.The Indication is banks BTN, the higher the doubtful
and loss loans will increase the bank's NPLs. While on deposits and credit groups substandard positive effect but
not significant

KEYWORDS: Credit, Non Performing Loan, Bank, Lhokseumawe

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