Pola Pengisian Gabah Varietas Padi Toleran Kekeringan Pada Sistem Sawah

maisura, maisura (2014) Pola Pengisian Gabah Varietas Padi Toleran Kekeringan Pada Sistem Sawah. Prosiding seminar dan lokakarya Membangkitkan Patriotisme Pertanian"Sebuah Harapan untuk Pemerintahan Baru. pp. 528-535. ISSN 978-602-96301-4-5


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Effect of drought on rice causes puso and decreases productivity. The objective of this research is to study grain filling pattern of drought tolerant rice varieties in lowland system. This research was conducted at the University Farm IPB, Babakan, Sawah Baru, Dramaga, Bogor, on land under Polyethylene roof from September 2011 until February 2012. The treatments was designed Randomized Completely Block Design with Split plot design of two factors. The first factor is drought treatments as main plots consist of four standards: dried at 3 weeks after transplanting (3 WAT) ; dried at 6 WAT; dried at 9 WAT and control (without drying). Varieties as a subplot consist of are: IR-64, Ciherang, IPB 3S, Way Apo Buru, Jatiluhur, Menthik Wangi, Silugonggo and Rokan. The results showed that drought stress began in the vegetative phase until harvest and drought stress from pre anthesis until harvest led to a decrease in grain weight per hill at various panicle positions that reaches 60-66 percent greater than drought stress that occurs after post-anthesis until harvest grain weight reduction only 23,16%. Based on the pattern of the grain filling tolerant varieties to drought can be generated by selecting the tolerant varieties that have filled grain at the base panicle and secondary branches. Keywords : Grain filling, Drought stress, Lowland system

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